Random Acts of Kindness!

We are proud to launch our new Random Acts of Kindness campaign! Find out more below:

Would you like to help your local community?

It’s good to give back to those around you. It doesn’t have to something big – in fact the smallest acts can often have the biggest impact! Your community needs you, so help out today!

Below are just a few ideas of random acts of kindness that you could carry out:

  • Befriending: Offer your company to reduce loneliness, either over the phone or in person. 
  • Lend a hand: Help in a charity shop or at a local community group. 
  • Give a lift: Whether they need to get to a GP appointment or the supermarket, offer transport to someone in need.
  • Share your skills: Spread your knowledge and teach your skills to others.
  • Take a walk: Keep fit by accompanying someone as they get some fresh air.
  • Become an advocate: help to raise the profile a local charity or community group by supporting their work.
  • Help the planet: join an organisation with a vision to improve local outdoor space or reduce carbon footprints. 

 For more information about local volunteering opportunities, sign up to Devon Connect today!