Devon Voluntary Action and our partner organisations are happy to be introducing the new DeVA Quality Assurance mark for voluntary, community and social enterprise groups.  

The DeVA Quality Assurance mark will allow groups to be recognised for demonstrating good practice whilst working in Health and Wellbeing, no matter where in Devon they are based. Previously, this recognition was only available for groups based in Torbay and South Devon through the Quality Assurance Health and Wellbeing – Torbay & South Devon mark.

Groups that have received this badge and have a Devon Connect account will also be able to apply for the DeVA Quality Assurance badge on the platform, ensuring other users can easily see they are verified to be a trusted provider of Health and Wellbeing services. 

If you would like to find out more or apply for the DeVA Quality Assurance mark, please contact your local DeVA partner.